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One Year of Friends & Foundation

The Quarterly Newsletter

The High Plains Library District Friends & Foundation Newsletter

March 24th, 2023, Issue 5


One Year of Friendship

Mind if we take a moment to celebrate you?

It has been one year since our rebrand to HPLD Friends & Foundation which included the launch of a new Friend program, newsletter, website and Facebook page!

Over this past year, our Friends have been an essential part in funding programs and experiences for our patrons. For example, the HPLD Friends & Foundation is the exclusive funder for the brand-new 100 Books Before Graduation program which launched in January. This program challenges 6 to 12th graders to read 100 books before they graduate high school. After every 25 books, they receive a prize. We are so excited to be apart of this program that our incredible librarians spearheaded. This program is taking place in branch libraries across the District so if you know a teen who may be interested, talk with your local librarian or sign up on the 100 Books webpage.

Because of your Friendship, we are able to support librarians in producing high-quality library programs and services so that they may be available for present and future generations of library lovers. 

Friend memberships do expire after a year, so if you want to stay our Friend (we would certainly like to stay yours) than you can either volunteer 25 hours at your library or donate $25 to help us build a community of library lovers.


Quarterly Update

New LINC Photos

Take a peek at the progress

In case you missed it: the Greeley Tribune wrote an article about our nearly finished library. Get more details about the project here.

Our New Sponsorship Menu is Live!

Featuring brand new benefits for your business.

We have been busy working on how we can best serve our community. Our sponsorship menu is a listing of sponsor levels that will translate across programs and events in the District that call for funding. This new process simplifies things for our sponsors, and for us! The levels have fresh benefits such as digital marketing, library tours, and even plaques on libraries. We hope you check out this new process and consider having your business sponsor a beloved HPLD program or event.

To see our sponsorship menu, benefits, and programs and events available for sponsorship, visit

Library Giving Day & Library Awareness Week are approaching.

April is the month to celebrate your library.

April 4th is Library Giving Day

Save the Date! When you support HPLD Friends & Foundation on Library Giving Day by giving $25 or more, you will become a Friend of the Library or renew your Friend membership with us! Friends get exclusive benefits while supporting the long-term health of their library. 

April 23rd - 29th is Library Awareness Week

Monday, April 24: State of America's Libraries Report released.

Tuesday, April 25: National Library Workers Day, a day to recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers.

Wednesday, April 26: National Library Outreach Day, a day to celebrate library outreach and the dedicated library professionals who are meeting their patrons where they are.

Thursday, April 27: Take Action for Libraries Day, a day to rally advocates to support libraries.

Do You Love Your Library?

We want to hear from you!

If you have an outstanding memory (big or small) about your library, we would love to know about it. You can simply reply to this email with the details of your special moment. You might get a shout out in our next Newsletter or on our Facebook, @hpldfriendsandfoundation!



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