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A 2023 Wrap Up

The Quarterly Newsletter

The High Plains Library District Friends & Foundation Newsletter

December 20th 2023, Issue 8


2023 Wrap Up

A highlight reel of the past 12 months.

Board Designated Funds

Every year our HPLD F&F Board work with our library staff to determine which HPLD programs and services receive additional funding from us with no strings attached. They can use these funds for incentives, program materials, or a big dream purchase for their library that falls outside of their budget.

Here is what some of the 2023 funds purchased:

  • 1 storage shed at Carbon Valley Regional Library for their Nature Play Space

  • 150+ books for the reader's home library who completed the Summer Reading Program at Northern Plains Public Library

  • 175+ mounting materials for the Annual Juried Art Show at Erie Community Library

  • 300 YES!Fest tote bags for kids at the event

  • 500+ incentives for the reading achievers in the 100 Books Before Graduation program

In this peek into 5 of the 10 funded programs and services, over 1,000 young lives have been positively impacted by their library. Check out our Quarterly Update below to see a highlight of our 2024 funded programs and services!

LINC Sneak Peek

Can you believe It's been 8 months since LINC opened? In May 2023, we concluded our LINC Capital Campaign. The LINC Capital Campaign supported the construction and innovations spaces for LINC. Throughout the year long campaign, we raised $393,809.

The LINC Sneak Peek Event invited campaign donors to have an early look at the library and innovation space before it officially opened to the public. The night featured live music, hors d'oeuvres, and exclusive tours of LINC.

Libraries are essential to elevating the quality of life in our community by providing access to limitless knowledge, engaging programs, and a safe place to connect. LINC Innovation Center now meets the diversifying technological needs of our growing community. Thank you for building a community of library lovers with us.

An Afternoon with Friends

With the launch of Friends in April of 2022, we knew we wanted to create a day of celebration for those who donated or volunteered from April 2022-April 2023. The afternoon included tacos from Luna's and a makerspace program in a LINC innovation space.

Because of your Friendship, we are able to support librarians in producing high-quality library programs and services so that they may be available for present and future generations of library lovers. 

Stay tuned for news on 2024's event!

Innovation Luncheon

This year we launched a new annual fundraising event that brought together community members and businesses to raise funds for the High Plains Library District's life accelerating programming and services. The Innovation Luncheon raised $16,000 during its inauguration.

HPLD's life accelerating programs and services are designed to connect library lovers with the skills they need to enter the workforce, the tools required to start a new business and hands-on maker programming that awakens their inner artist. Our annual fundraiser ensures these skills and tools are provided at no cost to our community for generations to come.

Thank You to Our Supporters

Quarterly Update


2023 Colorado Gives Day Results

We raised $5,043 during this year's fundraiser!

With over 50 generous donors from November 1st to December 6th, we met and exceeded our goal of

$5,000! We are so grateful that our community came together to support the future generations of library lovers.

$1,580 was raised for designated HPLD libraries

$3,462 was raised for the HPLDF&F General Fund.

Where do these funds go?

The donations designated to a HPLD library will be transferred in full to the library at the start of 2024. The donations designated to the General Fund will be used for future Board Designated Fund distributions, general operating, Friends appreciation to assist with fundraising ventures, and more.

Thank you for helping us build a community of library lovers!

Meet the 2024 Library Programs We Are Supporting

The results for the distribution of Board Designated Funds are in!

This year Board Designated Funds are going to 9 HPLD programs and services , we are applying for 10 grants, and soliciting sponsorships for 6 programs. Over the course of the next 4 newsletters, we are going to showcase each of our 2024 recipients.

2024 Summer Reading Adventure

HPLD’s annual summer reading program, Summer Reading Adventure (SRA), fosters personal growth and development, promotes a passion for reading, and supports family literacy.

With over 3,000 registrants, HPLDF&F will fund this beloved program by seeking sponsorships, in-kind donations, and by providing Board Designated Funds.

SRA is a high-impact, District-wide program and we provide support so that every child from Ault to Carbon Valley has an engaging and memorable summer of reading and strengthening their literacy.

Nature Play Space at Carbon Valley Regional Library

The Nature Play Space offers an accessible play space that encourages natural play with earth elements of wood, dirt, water, plants, wind, and sun.

HPLDF&F will be applying for a grant to continue the growth of this space for children at Carbon Valley.

Thank You to Our Supporters

ASCE - Northern Colorado Branch


HPLD Friends & Foundation wish you a warm and happy holiday season!



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